The learning experience

Ateneo 21 was established to provide the best conditions to enhance learning motivation. We offer quality courses, using innovative methods that enormously facilitate learning, so you progress efficiently in minimum time according to your own pace. The approach is based on the following principles:

One on one or small groups

Teaching is one or one or within a small group of up to four students for optimum progress. This means that you'll learn faster than in other courses. You will be talking most of the time as this is the skill that really reflects that you know the language. 

Task based learning

You'll learn through practice while in conversation in real life situations at every level of learning. For example, you will leave the first Spanish lesson being able to introduce yourself and a friend, give personal information and ask questions to someone else. As the lesson progresses you will gradually learn the vocabulary, relevant expressions and the grammar involved. Gradually you start using what you've learned more creatively. 

Topic based Spanish lessons

Spanish lessons are topic based as once you know the context it's far easier to learn the initial vocabulary, expressions and grammar, even without translation, because everything is related. In an intermediate course, learning the vocabulary about cinema will make it a lot easier to unlock many articles about the topic, because they all use those same words. In each Spanish level you just add more layers to the topics.

Authentic Spanish materials

You'll learn with professional tutors who are native speakers. And you will learn using authentic Spanish language media (leaflets, magazines, videos, films, songs, radio, TV, newspapers, telephone conversations); that is, the means of communication that you will come across when you are in a Spanish speaking country or sharing with Spanish speakers. 

Socio-cultural approach

Spanish lessons have both a linguistic and socio-cultural objective. We aim to interest as well as teach our students. We have found that by using real-life examples and looking at the political, economic or social set up in a country we can inspire better learning. If you learn through doing something that you would do in your own language anyway, you will learn faster.

Practise Spanish outside the classroom

It's easy to find the chance to practise your Spanish outside the classroom. We will encourage you to take classroom strategies to potential language learning events around you. So you can start building the bridge between the classroom and the real world. We will provide a framework for out of class learning.

Universal Spanish

We teach general Spanish as it is currently spoken and written in Spain, taking important Latin-American variations into consideration -if you need to know them. Educated language if the same everywhere -as it is in English. And you have to be able to understand accents from all countries.

Cutting edge learning experience

Ateneo 21 is committed to providing a professional learning experience recognising the need to respond to your needs and your development as courses progress. We invest a great deal of personal dedication in doing our job well. And we design lessons by drawing on a strong degree of imagination and constantly develop materials to guarantee excellent teaching.


The objectives of Ateneo 21 are:

  • to advance learning, knowledge and professional competence in the field of Spanish language and culture;
  • to develop innovative teaching techniques and materials that optimise student's progress;
  • to demonstrate how by learning a new language people are opened up to experiencing new ideas.

Spanish tutor in London

Carolina Sawney
Carolina Sawney, London 2015

Ateneo 21 started in 2006 after I was offered a two year contract with The Guardian to offer in-company Spanish training. It was there that I developed a programme called Spanish for Current Affairs to make the topics relevant for journalists while covering the curriculum set by the European Framework for Languages and the Instituto Cervantes.

Since then Ateneo 21 has been offering quality Spanish courses that enable learners to improve their ability to communicate and gain an insight into the culture and society of the Spanish speaking countries in the international context.

I am a expert Spanish tutor who has developed a hands on practical approach that optimise the student's progress and ensure they enjoy the process. I'm continually developing inspiring and engaging teaching materials for use in class and always looking for new approaches that make the courses a better experience.

I have encouraged students to attend Spanish speaking events taking place in London to learn Spanish outside the classroom.

From 2002 to 2003 I was a communication consultant for the III Discovering Latin American Festival in London, that screened about 40 films and brought legendary film directors like Fernando Solanas for question and answer sessions. I have also produced successful film screenings and gigs with international artists, like singer and song writer Litto Nebbia, through the Association of Argentine Professionals in the United Kingdom (APARU) where I still collaborate. 

I graduated with a degree in Communication Sciences in Buenos Aires and a masters in International Politics from the University of London. And after working as a journalist, in radio, magazines, newspaper and news agencies, including recording voice-overs, I wanted to start my own business. And this was my first experience of doing so.

Education expands horizons inspires development. Before setting up Ateneo 21, I had two years teaching experience as Lecturer on Theories of Communication (National University of Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires) and two years at secondary school level in Argentina. Translation is also among the services offered by Ateneo 21.