Experience the culture

Meet the people
The multicultural city of London is bustling with events taking place in Spanish so you can step out of your class and practise without having to go to Spain. We have also selected resources from films to music, with reference to language level required to use them so you can start exploring the culture and meeting the people.

Events in Spanish

The Discovering Latin America Film Festival, the Latin American Film Festival and the London Spanish Film Festival are some of the regular events that every year also bring to London Questions and Anwers sessions with directors. The listings include: music, exhibitions, theatre, fairs and festivals in London.

Media in Spanish

Radio, TV & newspapers
A radio with internet connection opens the door to listening to programmes from around the Spanish speaking countries. This is a great way to get used to listening in a second language, even if at the beginning you don't understand much of it. Gradually, you'll realize that you understand more and more.

Music in Spanish

All genres and levels
Listening to music and singing are one of the best ways to improve your fluency and pronunciation. Here's a list of recommended musicians from around the Spanish speaking countries selected because their lyrics are understandable and therefore useful for learning.

Books in Spanish

Some of our favourites
Discover some of the most loved authors in the Spanish speaking world according to your language level. Talk about the book in class using the new learned vocabulary. Books have been selected because the sections are short and accesible -so no need to read from start to finish-, and the vocabulary related to everyday language that you can start using straight away.