Films in Spanish: Argentina

Here is a guide to discover Spanish and Latin American cinema. In some cases there's also a reference to the language level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) that the film requires.

Argentina Latente (Latent Argentina)
A journey to the scientific, technological and creative capacities in the country.
Argentina 2007 Dir. Fernando Solanas documentary
Level: B2 Spanish

Casas de Fuego (Houses of Fire)
The life of the argentine doctor Salvador Mazza who made contributions in the Chagas disease.
Argentina Dir. Juan Bautista Stagnaro 115 min drama

A portrait of the life and work of argentine writer Julio Cortázar.
Argentina 1994 Dir. Tristán Bauer 80 min documentary

Cuarteles de Invierno
Drama set during the 1976-83 dictatorship based on the novel by Osvaldo Soriano.
Dir. Lautaro Murúa 1984

Cuento Chino (A Chinese Take Away)
An original film made by the son of one of Argentina's famous comedians, Tato Bores.
Argentina Dir. Sebastián Borenstein 2011

De eso no se Habla
Argentina 1994 Dir. María Luisa Bemberg drama.

El Hijo de la Novia (The Son of the Bride)
Rafael is a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown whose parents, one suffering from Alzeihmer's disease, are getting married.
Argentina 2001 Dir. Juan José Campanella drama

El Viaje (The Journey)
The odissey of Martin, from Usuahia to Oaxaca, to discover a continent and invent himself.
Argentina 1992 Dir. Fernando Solanas 138 min

Garage Olympo
Buenos Aires during the military dictatorship responsible for "a missing" or dissappeared generation.
Argentina 1999 Dir. Marco Bechis 98 min drama

La Antena (The Aerial)
A black and white parable full of experimental techniques about TV station.
Argentina Dir. Esteban Sapir drama
Level: A2 Spanish

La Deuda Interna (The Internal Debt)
An indigenous boy from the North joins the army.
Dir. Miguel Pereira, 1987

La Hora de Los Hornos (The Hour of the Furnances)

An masterpiece portraying Argentina in the 1960's.
Argentina Dir. Fernando Solanas 1968 documentary

La Nave de los Locos
The mapuche indians in San Martí­n de los Andes, Argentina, set against property developers.
Argentina 1995 Dir. Ricardo Wullicher 104 drama

La Nube (The Cloud)
In a place where it has been raining for 1600 days, a group of friends defends their theatre from closure.
Argentina 1998 Dir. Fernando Solanas

Hasta la Victoria Siempre
A film about the life of Ernesto "Che" Guevara.
Argentina 1997 Dir. Juan Carlos de Sanzo

Memorias del Saqueo (A Social Genocide)
The story of the 2001 economic crisis in context since the 1970's.
Argentina 2004 Dir. Fernando Solanas 120 min documentary
Level: C1 Spanish

A train dissappears for a whole day; an allegory of "the missing generation" in Argentina.
Argentina 1996 Dir. Gustavo Mosquera, Science Fiction.

Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens)
Argentina 2002 Dir. Fabián Bielinsky Thriller
Level: C2 Spanish

Nordeste (Northeast)
A Parisian executive travels to Argentina to adopt a baby.
Argentina 2005 Dir. Juan Diego Solanas 106m drama

Pizza, Birra, Faso (Pizza, Beer and Smokes)
A group of teens plan a series of robberies but things do not go as planned.
Argentina 1998 Dir. Adrián Caetano, Bruno Stagnaro 92 min drama

Sur (South)
A love story.
Argentina 1988 Dir. Fernando Solanas 118 min

Tan de repente (Suddenly)
A road movie which follows a trio of teenages in 90's Argentina.
Argentina 2004 Dir. Diego Lerman 90 min drama

Tangos, the Exile of Gardel (Tangos, el Exilio de Gardel)
A group of argentine exiles in Paris put on a tango-ballet.
Argentina 1986 Dir. Fernando Solanas 119 min drama musical

The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto de sus Ojos)
A retired criminal court investigator decies to write a novel based on a case that has haunted him.
Argentina-Spain, 2009, Dir. Juan José Campanella, 129 min.

GCSE Spanish

GCSE Spanish
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An 8-year old raised by his grandmother solves family problems.
Argentina/ Spain 2003 Dir. Alejandro Agresti 86 min drama

A teenager's hermaphroditic physiology causes a massive identity crises.
Argentina/ Spain/ France 2007 Dir. Lucía Puenzo 91 min drama

XXY, Lucía Puenzo