Information for jobseekers

I'm a freelance Spanish tutor, therefore I haven't so far recruited candidates. 


Spanish tutors in the UK need the Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults (CLTA) in addition to their degrees. This is a short course that trains you on how to used tasked based methods to organize and present lessons. There are various places in London, like International House and the Instituto Cervantes. The course can be completed full time during a month or part time in three months. This certificate allows you to work as a self-employed Spanih tutor. This is a sector with lots of competition but always with some room for good tutors. 
If you already are a qualified teacher with a foreign diploma, there's an organization in England to validate your degree called Naric.
If you would like to gain Qualified Teacher Status in England there's a PGCE for Modern Languages that can be completed at Goldsmith College in London, for example. There may be other options. This diploma allows you to teach at secondary school level and as there are lack of tutors at this level, you can apply for state funding to cover the costs of the course. Find out more on about bursaries and funding to get into teaching. 


If you still would like to send us your CV, please post it to this address: 352 Russell Court, 3 Woburn Place, London WC1H 0NG. In this way, we guarantee you that we will read it - not the case with email. Please don't just turn up without an appointment as we may not be in - courses take place in different locations- or we may be with students or not available. Ateneo 21 is a small organization so we don't have receptionists to receive you. Thanks for your consideration.