Intensive Spanish

Fast forward Spanish

We specialised in teaching Spanish in a way that is visual, practical, topic and context based, with most class time used for you to talk in Spanish. 
The lesson is planned for an hour an a half. This allows us time to: learn new vocabulary, introduce structures and functions, start recognising what you've learnt, start producing yourself, consider the grammar -understanding the system is important- and gradually start getting more creative to do something: introduce someone in your first lesson for example. This approach is called task based organized around topics.

You can choose to cover the hours for each level in 1.5 hour sessions, taking 3 hours or 6 a day.
You can cover both beginner levels A1 and A2 in a week taking 4 1.5 hour lessons a day during a week. Add another week and a half and you can cover the first intermediate level, B1. Two weeks more will take you to complete the second part of the beginner level, B2. And you'd be ready to start university in Spain for example.

Course fees

Individual Spanish lessons: 
£60 per 1.5 hour lessons in Russell Square.
£75 per 1.5 hour lessons at a location of your choice.

Spanish lessons in small group: 
£108 per person per person per month. 
Maximum 4 students for rapid progress. 
1.5 hours per week. 

Spanish lessons in a private group: 
£60 per hour for all participants. 
1.5 hour lessons recommended.