Proficiency Spanish

Speak fluently in Spanish

One to one and small group private tuition

You can complete this level in 100 hours. 
Each lesson is planned to last 1.5 hours. Classes can take place in a location of your choice, such as your office or in Bloomsbury, central London.
Here is an outline of the basic couse content, that is complemented with many other topics according to the European Framework for Languages.

Course fees

Individual Spanish lessons: 
£60 per 1.5 hour lessons in Russell Square.
£75 per 1.5 hour lessons at a location of your choice.

Spanish lessons in small group: 
£108 per person per person per month. 
Maximum 4 students for rapid progress. 
1.5 hours per week. 

Spanish lessons in a private group: 
£60 per hour for all participants. 
1.5 hour lessons recommended.